Sunday, 26 June 2011

New Stock, More Stuff!

After revelling in the sunshine all day I've finally got round to listing a couple of brand new items on the etsy shop:

Elegant vintage 1980's faux snakeskin court heels with a square heel. Classic, smart, sophisticated and under stated.

Make: Essentials

Size: UK 6

Heel: 2"

Condition: good vintage condition, some small signs of wear around heels

Red and black 80s Jacket. Great designer quality, perfect for creating a stand-out look. Small shoulder pads built in under the lining.

Make: Kasper for A.S.L

Size: UK 8-10
Label states USA size 6

Condition: Fantastic condition, no signs of wear and tear

Measurements: Bust: 16", Waist: 15", Hips: 18", Length: 25.5", Shoulders: 15.5"

All measurements taken whilst flat

Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only

Lovely, quirky, slightly see through vintage 1980's horse print blouse. Meduim-Large size, all tags have been removed probably due to the fact they would have shown through the slightly see through fabric.

Measurements: Bust: 20", Waist: 20", Length: 26.5"

All Measurements Taken Whilst Flat

I've got some more rather fabulous items coming up soon so if you're on the look out for a size 6-8 vintage 70's Jaeger animal print wrap dress, gorgeous size 10 electric blue structured midi suit skirt, a beautiful 70's leather strap ladies watch or a whole host of other quirky good quality vintage items, follow @sowhatvintage on twitter for up to date listings and discount codes ;) 


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Introducing: Secret Carousel The UK's Alternative Clothing Directory

Well here's some exciting news:
This is Secret Carousel, a brand new online directory designed as an easy way for those who love alternative clothing to find the kind of shops they want to buy from. It's aimed at promoting reasonably priced goods and smaller, more interesting shops rather than just the big ones and describes itself as:
'a comprehensive guide to the best the UK has to offer online in terms of cool and unique clothes & accessories. From gothic to kitsch, punk to steampunk, and vintage to fresh-out-of-fashion-college, you'll find it here'
And the best part is my etsy shop has been selected to be listed on it (thanks secret carousel!)

Friday, 10 June 2011

New Vintage Business Wear Line, Coming Soon!

I've been working on a line of vintage business wear for a while and I've decided that now, off the back of the rather fabulous Network of Aspiring Women Birmingham Launch event, is the time to share it with you bargain lovers. We all know how expensive (and dull) shopping for good quality work wear can be so I've decided to launch my own vintage line featuring jackets, skirts, trousers shirts and handbags to make you stand out of the crowd (for the right reasons!) at work. And I will of course be sticking to the So What It's Vintage ethos of fair pricing based on cost and quality. 

I'm hoping to launch it in the etsy shop over the next couple of weeks but to be kept up to date on what's happening in the shop, special offers, competitions and discount codes follow on twitter ;)!/sowhatvintage

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Vintage Hints and Tips 1: Markets

Right bargain hunters here's tip number 1 for you: markets. Most vintage shoppers are already pretty canny about finding a gem in car boot sales, vintage shops and online but one place they often neglect is markets. Most cities and larger towns will have indoor markets and most larger markets will have second hand clothes and shoes stalls which sell items at second hand rather than vintage prices. As with all vintage shopping you will have to sort through a lot of nonsense but, with a bit of patience, you've got a good chance of finding something a little bit special. Take, for instance, this lace covered beige dress: I wanted something beautiful but a bit different to wear to my uni hall's summer ball and I found it for a mere £3 on a market stall. Brilliant.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

And the Etsy shop is Launched!

Hello and welcome to So What It's Vintage. All of the items listed below (with one or two exceptions that have very excitingly been reserved already!) are available to purchase on my etsy shop (follow on twitter and I'll send you a 10% launch discount code ;)!/sowhatvintage )

Also I'd like to apologise for the not so brilliant photo quality, my camera died just as we were about to start shooting (magic timing) but I'll be borrowing a decent one in the next couple of days and getting some better resolution photos up.

Over the next months I'll be updating the blog with info on new stock, bargain hunting hints and tips and vaguely vintagey stuff I like (just cause I can) and that's about it! Thanks for checking out the blog! For more info on what So What It's Vintage is about, check out the 'So...What's it All About' section

Jackets of the Week

This week's jackets are vibrant, eye catching and a little bit quirky.

**BUY ME**

80’s Cropped Black Jacket with Gold Embroidery Detailing and Shoulder Pads

Reflections, Original Designs

Size: 10-12

Great Condition, No Signs of Ware and Tare

Bust:38, Length:16, Shoulders:15

Goes great over a dress for going out or jeans and a shirt to smarten up a day time look.
**BUY ME**

80’s Electric Blue Jacket with Bright Graphic Print Edging and big gold and black buttons.


Size: 8-10

Great Condition, No Signs of Ware and Tare

Bust: 34, Waist: 31, Length: 23, Shoulders:14

Great, striking 80’s jacket fantastic for creating a quirky smart-casual look.


Leather box bags: simple, classy, elegant, and go with everything.

 **BUY ME**

80’s Beige Leather Box Bag

Simple and Elegant…and that’s all there is too it.

Condition: Excellent, no signs of wear and tear

Size: 7.5”x8”, Depth: 2.5”, Strap-Length: 24”

Originally designed to match a pair of Van Dal shoes.

 **BUY ME**

80’s White Leather Box Bag with gold buckle and details on the strap

Condition: Excellent, no signs of wear and tear

John Lewis Partnership

Size: 7.5”x8”, Depth: 2.5”, Strap Length:24”

Cute, good quality, wearable and surprisingly spacious

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Dresses of the Week

Some lovely dresses this week: fit and flare, floral print, tea dress:


Early 90’s Ditsy daisy floral print fit and flare dress

Cut out back detail


Size: 10

Bust:32, Waist: 29, Hips:33, Length:34

Good Condition, beginning to show signs of wear around seams

So BHS doesn’t have the most exciting reputation, this dress is pretty, flattering and embodies this (as last and probably next) summer’s trends of floral print, fit and flare and open back.

**BUY ME**

Early 90’s Roses floral print fit and flare dress

St. Michel for M&S

Size: 10-12

Bust:32, Waist:28, Hips:36, Length:34

Good Vintage Condition, appears to be wearing a little thin in two small patches on skirt but nothing noticeable

*Fun Fact*

St. Michel for M&S used to be a well trusted staple of good quality women’s ware…unfortunately in the late 90’s M&S adopted a policy of pushing up prices and to boost profit margins as a result of which they lost a heck load of customers and in 2001 they were forced to rebrand, dropping the St. Michel label that had been in production since the original Mr Marks introduced it in 1926.

**BUY ME**

80’s Short sleeve fit and flare tailored tea dress with white circle pattern

Small Shoulder Pads

David Emmanuel Collectables


Bust: 38, Waist: 34, Hips: 44, Length: 37.5, Shoulders:14.5

Very Good Vintage Condition, Some Signs of Wear around seams

Belt not included.

*Fun Fact* In his prime David Emmanuel was a very successful designer, even co-designing Princess Diana’s wedding dress (yes…THAT dress) unfortunately he has some what fallen from grace of late and now designs for Bon Marche. This dress, however, is from his heyday when his designs were still good quality and his customers a little bit wealthy.

Summer Skirt

80’s Tropical Floral Print High-Waisted Midi Skirt


Size: 10-12

Waist: 26-30”, Length: 25”

Good Vintage Condition but there are what appear to be bleach stains in places where there are small specks of lighter blue but, given the pattern and the way the skirt hangs they are not very noticeable.

The high-waisted midi skirt is the skirt shape of the season, and with the delightful tropical floral print, buttoned front and matching waist belt this elasticated waist skirt ticks all the boxes.

*Fun Fact* Scottish brand Laird-Portch are best known for their high quality kilts and innovative use of tartan fabrics. Founder Geoffrey Laird-Portch is credited with creating the tartan mini skirt in the mid 1960’s (which reached the height of fashion in the 70’s) and pioneering tartan as a fashionable fabric.

This Weeks Shirts and Blouses

Vintage shirts, they come in all shapes and sizes and I’ve got a healthy variety right here: from the summer staple of the white shirt to vibrant florals, colour blocking and nautical themed. Whether you wear your shirts baggy over jeans or tailored a vintage shirt is a great way to get an up to date look for a fraction of high street prices.

**Buy Me**

80’s Navy blue shirt with white edging and gold and white buttons. Small Shoulder Pads


Size: 10

Bust: 34”, Waist: 34”, Length: 22”, Shoulders:15.5”

Great Condition

**Buy Me**

90’s Vibrant Floral Print Shirt


Size: 12-14

Bust: 38”, Waist: 38”, Length: 24”

Great Vintage condition, no obvious signs of wear and tare

Great shirt for the summer, adds a hit of colour to any outfit.
Emerald Green 70’s Shirt

The Edinburgh Collection

Size 14-16

Bust:40”, Waist:40”, Length: 25”, Shoulders:17”

Good Condition, shows some slight signs of expected wear and tear (slight fraying inside shirt around label) but generally excellent vintage quality

This shirt has everything: flattering colour? Check. Slimming lines? Check. Scalloped edged collar and floral embroidery details? Check and Check. It hits the colour blocking trend and it’s from the decade of the season, the 70’s, too. Lovely.

Late 80’s 70’s inspired White Blouse with Floral Embroidery Detail

Size 12

Bust: 38”, Waist: 38”, Length: 25”, Shoulders:15”

Great quality, no signs of wear and tare

White shirts are everywhere at the moment. There’s no escaping them. They are a really easy way to work the ‘white’ trend that’s hitting the red carpet (and the highstreet) at the moment.

Whether chucked over a pair of skinny jeans, worn with cut off denim shorts or tucked into a high-waisted skirt a good white shirt will see you through anything from job interviews to festivals.

Brand new (to shop) SHOES

Up this week I have shoes for every occasion; sandals, court heels and ankle boots. Brilliant.
80’s black leather ankle boots

Size: 3

0.5” heel

Great Condition, Hardly Worn

Black leather ankle boots with a little ankle strap and slightly pointed toes. Whilst undoubtedly a winter staple ankle boots are also a necessity in the English summer, great for both the less than sunshiney days and for teaming with summer dresses on those hot sunshine-rain-hot sunshine days we’ve been having lately.

80’s Black Suede Court Heels with Red Detailing, Bows and Buckles

Size: 3.5

2.5” heel

Great Condition, Hardly Worn

Court heels are undoubtedly one of my wardrobe staples. They are brilliant for looking the part in meetings, at interviews and even just for adding a touch of business like class to every day outfits

*Fun Fact* Originally founded in the 1850’s Bally is a company with history and class. In the post millennium times that shoe firm has struggled to modernise in the face of competition exploiting cheap labour in China and India and making lesser quality, but much cheaper shoes for the mass market. However for vintage lovers seeking out a bargain the brand Bally essentially equates to good quality materials and good quality design.

80’s Black Velvet Court Heels with Bows and Gold Buckles

St. Michel for M&S

Size: 3

Heel: 1.75”

Great Condition, Hardly Worn

Comfy court heels with a velvet twist. These shoes add a touch of quirky elegance to any outfit.
70’s Tan Leather Sandals with Small Heel and stitch detailing


Size: 6

Heel: 2”

Condition: Shows some slight signs of age but excellent vintage condition

70’s. Tan Leather. Small block heel. These shoes hit almost all the summer sandal trends and the ankle strap makes them comfy to wear.

*Fun Fact* You may well have seen the modern incarnation of the Dolcis brand as a concession in such stores as Bay Trading, but in it’s time Dolcis was a well regarded retailer in it’s own right. Another store with history Dolcis was founded in 1863 but, unfortunately, like Bally began to rapidly decline in the late 90’s/early 2000’s in the face of changing markets. Older examples are still an example of good, traditional British quality.

So...What's it all about?

A couple of months ago I was sat at my computer, trawling through the 'market place' section of a well known online fashion retailer when my mum came in, looked at the screen, pointed at a skirt priced at £30 marked 'beautiful vintage original C&A design' and said 'Ha! C&A? We used to call them crap and awful, that wouldn't of cost £30 new!' And a thought hit me, we, the long suffering lovers of vintage are being conned. 

I've been a big fan of vintage fashion for a few years now, not because it's cool to buy vintage, but because it's a great way of buying fashionable, good quality clothes without paying highstreet prices. So, after years of experience trawling through charity shops, car boot sales, vintage shop sale sections, markets and auction sites I've learnt a thing or two about finding a bargain. And I've decided to make a business out of it.

On this blog you will find lots of interesting background info on items I've discovered some of which (mostly those not in my size!) I'm going to sell on in my etsy shop at genuinely reasonable prices that reflect the quality and cost of the item, not the maximum I think someone might pay for them. 

And that's what it's all about! I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I'm going to researching it and if you see something you like marked **buy me** check out my etsy shop and find out more