So...What's it all about?

So…Welcome to So What It’s Vintage, I’m going to be running this blog and the connected etsy shop and twitter accounts with a simple aim: to promote ‘vintage’ as a way of buying fashionable clothes and accessories for cheaper then highstreet prices.

Before the recent retro and vintage trends hit the magazines, ‘vintage’ wasn’t a status symbol, it was something students bought because they were too broke to afford topshop but wanted better quality then Primark (or something quirkier). As one of that generation, I’m getting tired of being ripped off on vintage sites and ebay. So I’ve decided to create the kind of vintage shop I’d like to buy from and the kind of blog I’d like to read… and hopefully some other people will like it too!

All the items I sell in the etsy shop are sourced by me personally (or occasionally my close friends) and come to your door freshly cleaned and neatly packaged. Items are priced based on what they cost me plus what I feel is a reasonable amount of value added given the time I spend procuring them, not the absolute maximum I reckon I can get away with charging for them.

In this blog I’m going to be talking about, not only the items I’m selling in my etsy shop, but also hints and tips for shopping for vintage and scouting out a bargain based on my own experiences…and occasionally just vaguely vintagey stuff I like, because it’s my blog and I can do that sort of thing ;)

So, hope you like it! Someone much more successful than me once told me that negative feedback is the best kind because it teaches us how to improve. I do believe this, but I also like other kinds of feedback too so if you’ve got any questions about any items in the etsy shop/blog posts, have spotted something I can do better, or have even just seen something that you like and would like me to keep an eye out for something similar in the future just send me an email/comment and let me know.