Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Business Wear Part 2: Beyond the Black, Navy or Charcoal Suit

One of the most common complaints I've encountered at networking events is that shopping for office appropriate clothing is boring. The more interesting stuff either looks (and is) cheap and faintly unprofessional or is way out of the budget of the average shopper. Well that's where buying vintage comes in. 

If you're the kind of lady who likes to stand out from the crowd then there are a whole host of stunning options out on the web, in charity shops, down markets and at carboot sales that will turn heads for all the right reasons. After all, both vintage and adding a pop of colour to outfits are very very fashionable this season (Cheryl Cole's love it or hate it orange and purple American X-Factor combo anyone?).


Make: Kasper for A.S.L
Size: UK 8-10
Label states USA size 6
Condition: Fantastic condition, no signs of wear and tear
Measurements: Bust: 16", Waist: 15", Hips: 18", Length: 25.5", Shoulders: 15.5"
All measurements taken whilst flat
Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only

Make: Bianco
Size: 8-10
Great Condition, No Signs of Ware and Tear
Bust: 17", Waist: 15.5", Length: 23", Shoulders:14"
All measurements taken while flat
Care instructions: 30oC gentle wash, use non-bio, do not tumble dry

Personally I love the look of a brightly coloured, good quality vintage jacket but for plenty of women, and in plenty of working environments, this just doesn't quite feel right. Fortunately there are plenty of other ways of brightening up a dull office outfit, a statement shirt, for example:
Make: The Edinburgh Collection
Size 14-16
Measurements: Bust:20”, Waist: 20”, Length: 25”, Shoulders:17”
Please Note all Measurements Taken Whilst Flat
Good Condition, shows some slight signs of expected wear and tear but generally very good vintage condition
Care Instructions: 40oC synthetics wash, do not tumble dry

Meduim-Large size, all tags have been removed probably due to the fact they would have shown through the slightly see through fabric.
Measurements: Bust: 20", Waist: 20", Length: 26.5"
All Measurements Taken Whilst Flat

White, late 80's blouse with floral embroidery running down the front
Make: St. Michael for M&S
Size 12
Measurements: Bust: 19”, Waist: 19”, Length: 25”, Shoulders:15”
Please note all measurements taken when flat
Condition: Great quality, no obvious signs of wear and tare
Care Instructions: 50oC Synthetics wash, to not tumble dry


So as you can see, a nice suit and blouse combo doesn't have to be boring, or expensive.


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